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2017 GCA Summer Tour Highlights

Virginia proved to be a winning choice for this year's summer tour! There was a lot of fun, networking and ideas exchanged - a hallmark of GCA tours. McDonald Garden Center, Anderson's and Cross Creek Nursery & Landscaping were voted the favorites by attendees.

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"GCA Summer Tour adventurers found many intriguing, inspiring, creative and unique store solutions on this year's Virginia extravaganza. This 'alert bell' for customers to access store help at the Sneed's Nursery & Garden Center stop in Richmond, VA, caught the attention of many. This large, rambling outdoor natural sales area stretched out among huge native pines, where shoppers mingle with free-range chickens, can clearly produce the need for these 'call bells.' Excellent graphics and an area to write in the store's daily specials are executed with excellence! Well done, Sneed's! #GCAtour"

"On the 2017 GCA Summer Tour, attendees were quite taken with these unique fish topiaries. Note the 'flower' fish eye! By the way, the pink structural frames are actually painted and repurposed Monrovia-provided dark brown 'store-within-a-store' units. Nearly 100 attendees - 2 buses full - are enjoying perfect sunny and not-too-hot weather in the Newport News, Richmond and Virginia Beach area, touring leading garden centers and interesting local historical sites and taking in local color. #GCAtour"

"This afternoon, Jeff Morey, GCA Executive Director, announced that Seattle will be the destination of the 2018 GCA Summer Tour during the currently-running 2017 GCA Summer Tour in Virginia. Tour attendees expressed great enthusiasm upon hearing the news. Exact dates and more details will be released soon, according to Morey. #GCAtour"

"In an emotional announcement during the Closing Wine, Beer and Cheese Extravaganza on the 2017 GCA Summer Tour Virginia, Jeff and Cheryl Morey, Managing Directors of GCA, regretfully revealed that long-time friend and GCA Tour Leader Robert Hendrickson will be making this 2017 tour his last. But, Robert rushed to tell the attendees after exchanging hugs with the Moreys that - given the way rumors fly - the three remain close friends, and there is absolutely no riff between him and GCA management. Rather, Robert explained that he had wanted for years to buy a farm back in his native Missouri and raise veggies and goats, and spend lots of time with his grandkids. He has finally put all the elements together - now living on such a farm in Missouri - and it's time to ride off into the sunset, in regards to conducting the store tours any longer. The attendees applauded loudly, and Robert went on to say that he looks forward to completing this year's Monday Garden Center Tour at the IGC Show in Chicago this August - which he also leads - before adding that he hoped Jeff and Cheryl will accept his invitation to visit him and his wife, Wendy, 'on the farm' someday soon. So long, 'Roberto' ... happy trails! #GCAtour"


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